The next time I saw the druid

I began to get this strange feeling, a few days after the previous obe,  like I was being pulled on, it felt like I was leaning to one side, yet was standing up straight.

This feeling kept coming, I would brush it off, then one day, I was on my way to work, and it came again, I said to it, not now, then it left, but I could feel it linger around me all day, it kept telling me to meditate, it looked like a sun, and would be on my right upper side.

I got home, went upstairs to my room and did some fixed breathing along with some stretches, I was being guided as I had never done this before, the breath was 5 seconds each way with a 5 second pause at the end of each exhale and inhale. then once I had done enough, I lay on my bed, and was then being guided with my third eye, I was opening and closing my physical eyes, and getting the feel of the third eye, then it opened, and I could see through my walls and ceiling and could see the stars over my house, then I saw this flashing approaching in the sky, as it got closer I could see it was a huge orb, with lots of smaller orbs surrounding it, it entered my room and the orbs turned in to beings, men and women, the druid was the big orb in the middle,  another was the blond man with the tree of life, plus others, they all looked like they were made of mist.

I then had the druid do some energy work on the left side of my stomach, his energy was red and gold fire, the same as my heart energy, when I have seen it. I got a little scared at this point cause I did not know what was going on, so I started to do a mantra to control my emotions, just a violet flame mantra, and as I did I began to rock with the energy of it, and one of the beings, a female climbed on top of me, hugged me so tight and rocked back and forth with me as I did the mantra.

Then, I popped out of body, but my awareness was spread, it was more bilocation as I was in three places at once, I was with the druid and he was showing me this blue grid, I was talking with the blond guide and was so excited saying, “I did it I did it” and, I was still aware of my body, then my then partner burst in to the room and said ” NOBODY there are ufo’s over the house” I told her I would be there in a minute, then I said to the druid, I just wanna go see the spaceships I will be back in a minute, he looked disappointed, kind of rolled his eyes lol, I simply ran off like an excited child, there was obviously nothing over the house as they were in my bedroom. I went back upstairs but could not reach a deep enough state, that was the last time I saw the druid, apart from a few brief forays, of which I shall write about another time.


Author: chroniclesofanobodyblog

I am a deep diver.

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