A few months after my first meeting with Baphomet

I was being stalked and harassed, I had a member of a secret organization come around my house everyday and try to convince me to join, he told me the pope had named him the principality and the powers, I never even knew what that meant.  He told me, he was negative force.  and he told me, he was the last member of the nights of the templers, I never really believed him, I thought he was a bit of an arrogant asshole to tell the truth, but I had to try to understand what was happening and I knew he was a key.  and at night, if I went online I would be trolled and stalked, and my home was full of beings, entities, others projecting.  I was under constant scrutiny, and my dreams were being invaded by a group, one in particular a man with brown hair and glasses, was pulling me in to their ceremonial circles against my will. I was having huge mood swings, I needed to study what was happening, so I knuckled down and started to take note of certain dates, of when it would get really bad for me, I would be in two worlds at once quiet a lot, it was driving a wedge between me and my wife and I did not know how to get out of it.

What I found was on the full moon, things would intensify, and I would be pulled to their circles, their rituals, the brown haired man, was always there, he was young, mid thirties, he had a brown haired woman with him, they always worked in pairs, I have named them the fake twins. there was also an older balding grey haired man with a grey haired woman, another set of fake twins, low grade, baphomet worshipers, they were lower on the grid, their energy was a lot lower than mine, but they were trained in the arts, whereas I was just a natural, a maverick, I could do some very cool things energetically, and these people were nothing, they needed to work in groups to be able to effect me, which is what they did, they were torturing me within the energies, pulling me here and there, one time, I came too, I was tied to a chair, they told me they needed something from me, I told them to fuck off, started screaming for them to untie me, as I was getting madder and madder at them for doing this to me, I burst in to flame, I became a supernova and freed myself and burned up them and the space they were holding me in, when I say I burned them up, you need to understand that when somebody projects, they send a piece of their consciousness out of their body, they can lose that projection if not careful, in a few ways, one is, I can take it, place it in to my heart and repattern it, then what I am do is expanding myself, but that is not really my way, that is almost vamperic and what they do, so, I just burned them, burned their grids, burned their patterns, their symbols, their boards, which is the space they are in, as to them this is all a big game, this is my life, and they have destroyed it, but, I let them, and I hold no grudges, if you cant let things go, you will always be to weighed down to move forward.

What I am explaining are situations, where they separate the consciousness from the body, where they project out of the body, and when you project, based upon the vibration you exhibit, is where you will reside, I was being pulled down in to the lower grids, their occultic grids, the baphomet grids, here is a dirty place, they are only safe, because they give something of themselves up, and I refused, they cant and will never own me, but what they had been doing, is effecting my mood for months using thoughtforms, this lowered my vibration so I was able to be reached, but I never knew about this stuff then, this made me susceptible to these lower vibrational layers of our reality and I was being slowly indoctrinated against my will in to their occultic circle.

To skip forward, some years later, after many horrible things had happened to me and I had been through a very bad period of my life, due to the infringements of these groups, I went to canada to get some healing, on my way to a native reserve, I was accosted on the train by the same people I described above, and an energy battle ensued, I was followed and harassed across Canada, chased from province to province, moving around and hurt, so much, each town having a lodge in it, each town having members of certain groups who would target me and the people with me, they hurt me more than I have ever been hurt in my life, I watched the people around me get possessed, and then they would attack me, I had never felt so alone in my life, and all the truama had effected my ability to project, to be able to see, it had been making me doubt myself.

But I will write about that another time.



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I am a deep diver.

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