I come from an Irish traveler family, and since I was young, I have experienced paranormal activity in my life, I have experienced death many times in my life, including my own, and, I have met so many beings and entities and floating consciousnesses that for me, to see things flying around is part of my daily life, and it has never been easy.  I was approached by some groups back in 2012, they tried to acquire my soulmass and add it to their groups soulmass, this is the story of me, a nobody who was left alone to fight off many secret societies, who suffered extreme spiritual and energetic, torture, attack, humiliation and vamperism of the highest order, much of it, from the so called white hats, so I would seek refuge, create a problem, become the solution was their game plan.  If I never had the luck of the Irish the grace of the divine, and having met a few great humans along the way, I doubt I would even be sane enough to write this now, maybe even dead.