confessions of a nobody

This is the post excerpt.


Since I was a young child, paranormal things have happened around me, I have also suffered with extremes of emotions and had so much energy that people are often hard pressed to keep up with me.  This is going to be a place I can start to convey my story, it might not all be in chronicle order, as to start, I want to tell you about the secret world of the secret societies and how they attack harass and leech off people who are not energetically activated, and what that means is, people who have not tuned in to the subtle flows of energy that flow through their bodies, how they acquire the soulmass (energy) of these individuals and run programs and triggers on them using thoughtforms.  It is like a hidden world from the populace, like a harry potter movie, and they tried to entrap me in it, using layered speech, and possession of those around me, in something they call the ‘sim game.’ Some of these groups are aligned with the NAA, the negative alien agenda, of which I have also been a victim. I have a suspected implant in my left shoulder and my right ankle, I have met tall whites, reptilians, bulky big predatory ones with yellow eyes, and skinny cloak wearing ones who reminded me of dark alchemists or magicians with red eyes, I have met beings who are red skinned and wear black what looks like leather jumpsuits.  On the positive side I have met angelic beings, pleiadians, beings who wear blue and gold jumpsuits, travelling charismatic spirits, white robed beings and so so many more, including a druid who sat on a throne surrounded by many many beings, as I have sat down to write this, I know it has given off a signal, so I now receive pain in my left temple, and on my right side, I see lights flashing, this is my life on a daily basis, I often have one side trying to stop me, the other celebrating that I am actually choosing to do something, to tell someone, anyone, of what I have been through, all names used in this will be altered as even though some of the people I am going to write about deserve something back for what they gave, I am not the man to dish that out, I just need a release, to let go and move on, they will get theirs in due course, if the universe has anything to say about it.

To start, I will tell you how I got their attention, I had for years, seen orbs flying around, been raped by a sucubus in my teens, been dragged down in to the lower astral planes before my 14th birthday and drained repeatedly, like a battery.  I had gotten to a place in my life, where I wanted to take control of this part of myself, I went diving in to my own consciousness, then wrote about it on a certain website that I later found out was a hunting ground for predatory energy harvesters and secret societies, this sent a red flag up, I was going in to spaces that they assumed they owned, and they did not like, that I could go there, without them, I assume, I have named this space the collective mind space, and what follows will be my story.

Back in 2009 I had been meditating daily for three months, doing a violet flame mantra along with some I AM mantras, never before had I meditated, I would surround myself in light, I would see the light all around me.

Three months, exactly, I was getting all these new feelings and emotions I had not experienced, but something else, guilt, shame for how I had lived my life, I grew up in an inner city, was a gang member and all the trappings that came with that lifestyle. I questioned the sky, the stars, the earth, the sun, everything, why, WHY would I have done the things I had done, I demanded answers, demanded them from the very core of my being, screamed at the stars that moved, WHY!

Then after this feeling of needing to know why would not go, I set myself a meditation to find my answers why I had lived life like I did, so I set it up, rolled a big joint to help with the altered state, got a rainbow blanket and sat on the floor, shaman style lol, took a few big hits, then put the joint in the ashtray on my lap, then I felt this huge presence and actually heard it approach like a car or ship, it came over my house, the next door dog started to go crazy and bark like a nutter.

Next thing I know, I’m in darkness, but aware of my awareness, I begin to struggle as I feel coddled/wrapped up, like someone has put me in a rug and rolled it up, I then hear a female voice, she was shhing me, telling me, dont worry its ok, she felt really nice, like a mother, so I said to her, are you the mother and she laughed beautifully and said yes, then I went to sleep all coddled up.

I come back to awareness and I am sitting up in what looks like a sarcophagus, and standing there in front of me is a tall blond being in a blue jumpsuit with a golden triangle seam over the chest area and a tree of life insignia in a circle over his heart. He gestures me to follow so I step out and do, he leads me down a corridor that leads on to a grand hall, all beautiful white marble looking with these steps leading up to a throne, on the throne was an old man, he looked like a druid, in white robes, long white hair, white beard. behind his throne are many many beings, all dressed in blue and gold, like they are from the olden days, knights and so forth,and all among me at the bottom of the steps were others, my guide with the tree of life insignia nudges me forward, I kneel on one knee, put one fist over my heart, one on the ground to support myself and say “I have done as you asked, now may I return?” the druid raised his hand palm facing outwards and said, “not yet”. as I was being led away, a lady stepped out from behind the throne, ran down a few steps to get a better look at me.

I got led back to the sarcophagus by my blond guide and got in, awareness shifted, I am now a spark and no longer in my eternal body, my blond guide holds me in his hands and has a huge smile on his face, he holds his hands up like he is letting a bird or butterfly go, and I begin to float upwards away from him, but, it felt like I was moving downwards, a very weird sensation, I move through many many layers, mostly cloudy looking layers, then, I re-enter my body through my left thigh and I see all the light around me seal up like a zipper is being zipped up, I felt like I had pins and needles all over my body, the ashtray containing the joint is up on the shelf and I am laying on the floor trying to recover with what truly felt like pins and needles all over my body, this lasted a few minutes then I gathered enough strength to move, sit up and light that joint, wondering how it had gotten up on the shelf.

The next morning there was an image in the clouds over my house, it looked like a griffin, a lion with wings, I later found out, that the image I saw, was my families coat of arms, which I had never seen before.

About a year later I found the image at the top, that image is such a similar representation of where I went, I was gobsmacked, ignore the image at the bottom, I am new at navigating this software so will need more time to get comfortable with it.